Shipping and delivery

Caviar is shipped straight from our cold storage facility where it is stored in vacuum-packed tins at a controlled temperature.


Unpasteurized caviar is very sensitive to thermal conditions – it should be stored at a temperature of -3°C to 2°C. To maintain the continuity of the cold chain during transport the tins are packed in heat-insulated packaging and secured with ice packs. If the caviar is to be re-shipped upon receipt, it must be repacked in the same way that it arrived.  Please keep the Styrofoam box and cardboard spacers to prevent direct contact of the tins with ice packs and freeze the ice packs again.


The shipping costs depend on the place of delivery. For orders over 1000 Euros, shipping is free.


We do shipments on business days from Monday to Wednesday (shipments outside Poland) and from Monday to Thursday (shipping in Poland) by express TNT/DHL. We do not ship on Fridays, holidays, or days before holidays. The cost of delivery includes the cost of courier delivery, a thermo-insulated box and ice packs.


The estimated delivery time is 1 business day from the moment the parcel is picked up by the courier.


After unpacking the parcel, immediately put the caviar tins in the refrigerator and store them at -3°C to 2°C until consumption.  Never put caviar in the freezer!

Estimated delivery time to some destinations*

Country City Approximate delivery time
Austria Vienna 24h
Graz 24h
Innsbruck 24h
Belgium Brussels 24h
Antwerp 24h
Bruges 24h
Bulgaria Sofia 24h
Plovdiv 24h
Varna 24h
Croatia Zagreb 24h
Split 48h
Vinkovci 48h
Cyprus Nicosia 48h
Larnaca 48h
Limassol 48h
Czechia Praha 24h
Brno 24h
Ostrava 24h
Denmark Copenhagen 24h
Aarhus 24h
Odense 24h
Estonia Tallinn 24h
Tartu 24h
Kardla 48h
Finland Helsinki 24h
Oulu 24h
Joensuu 48h
France Paris 24h
Marseille 24h
Lyon 24h
Germany Berlin 24h
Hamburg 24h
Munich 24h
Greece Athens 24h
Heraklion 24h
Patras 48h
Hungary Budapest 24h
Debrecen 24h
Gyor 24h
Ireland Dublin 24h
Galway 24h
Cork 24h
Italy Rome 24h
Cagliari 48h
Palermo 48h
Latvia Riga 24h
Daugavpils 48h
Liepaja 48h
Lithuania Vilnius 24h
Kaunas 48h
Klaipeda 24h
Luxembourg Luxembourg 24h
Diekirch 24h
Troisvierges 24h
Malta Valetta 24h
Rabat (Gozo) 24h
Mellieha 24h
Netherlands Amsterdam 24h
Groningen 24h
Eindhoven 24h
Poland Warsaw 24h
Gdansk 24h
Krakow 24h
Portugal Lisbon 24h
Porto 24h
Faro 24h
Romania Bucharest 24h
Iasi 24h
Oradea 24h
Slovakia Bratislava 24h
Kosice 24h
Zilina 24h
Slovenia Ljubljana 24h
Maribor 24h
Koper 24h
Spain Madrid 24h
Sevilla 24h
Barcelona 24h
Sweden Stockholm 24h
Malmo 24h
Goteborg 24h

*Shipments to smaller cities or less accessible destinations may take longer.