‘Triangle of Sadness’ – premiere at Warsaw’s Muranów Cinema

Antonius Caviar

At the special invitation of Gutek Film, we had the opportunity to take part in a ‘cruise suited to our times’ – as the crazy comedy by Ruben Östlund’s, which won the Golden Palm in Cannes was described by the organizer.

A satire on the beautiful and the rich and a picture of the caricatured debauchery of the privileged, supplemented by quotes from the works of Marks and Lenin delivered by the ship’s captain. This is only the first part of the film, the second – taking place on a not entirely deserted island – gives the film a completely different dimension. And yet, as some reviewers claim, the film consists of three acts…

We won’t tell you anything else about the plot, and, since not everything is as obvious as it seems at the beginning, we recommend that you watch ‘Triangle of Sadness’ yourself!

And this non-obviousness also accompanied moviegoers who tasted our caviar after the screening. Discovering the notes of Oscietra and Siberian, they delighted us with the poetic nature of their descriptions of taste, smell or structure of the black gold.

Those who would like to see a one-minute nature-family-adventure film are invited to the ‘screening’. This was this spot that the participants of the Warsaw premiere could see: